Veteran Home Loan Benefits


“Nothing can begin to compare with the pride and freedom of home ownership. Your home is an investment in your future. Veteran Real Estate is your bridge to Home Ownership”

There are plenty of advantages to partnering with Veteran Real Estate. Here a few home loan benefits you can expect from partnering with us:

Tax Savings – Are you tired of renting? Do you dream of achieving long term financial security for yourself and family? As a homeowner, you qualify for significant tax savings because the mortgage interest and property tax you pay every month is fully tax deductible. This leaves more spendable income for you and, makes home ownership even more affordable than you ever dreamed was possible.

Investment – Owning a home is an investment, in your future. Rent payments are gone once you have made them. But, with each mortgage payment you are investing in a tangible asset while building future equity. Unlike rent, the mortgage on your home will be paid off someday, providing you with “rent free” living, and a comfortable retirement.

Security – Homeowners typically enjoy a better and more secure lifestyle. When you live in a neighborhood, you become part of the community. Your neighbors, like you, have invested in and care about their properties. Naturally, because they are willing to invest in their community, you have the security of raising your family in safe environment.

Appreciation – A home is an investment that generally keeps pace with inflation. Real estate has historically appreciated faster than the rate of inflation. Even if your first home isn’t your “dream home,” you’ll be working your way up. With improvements and appreciation you can begin building equity for a down payment on your dream home of the future.

administrationPre-Approval – Pre-qualification includes an analysis of your financial position to determine your borrowing power. Pre-approval is a phrase you can take literally. Once your documentation is assembled and a credit report ordered, your loan package is sent to a Loan Underwriter for approval. Upon approval, you will be issued a Letter of Commitment from your lender. A loan commitment is a powerful tool because you have proven your ability to afford a home mortgage. Don’t worry if you think you don’t have enough income or good enough credit to qualify. Just tell us your situation, and we will work with you to get the loan that fits. And, if you won’t qualify for a loan now we will tell you what you need to do so that you can get qualified in the near future or we will tell you about other alternatives that could get you a home quickly.

Peace Of MindVeteran Real Estate is committed to making the process of purchasing your home a pleasurable experience. Having your best interests at heart, we feel that the better informed you are, the more enjoyable will be your experience of buying a home. Veteran Real Estate will represent you to ensure full disclosure and strict compliance concerning every aspect of your home purchase and sales contract. Your Loan Counselor will help guide you through the maze of documents, home loan options and requirements as well as home warranty programs. And, our friendly staff will help you get the best possible price and most favorable terms.

Commitment Veteran Real Estate was founded in 1979 to fill the tremendous need for people trying to take advantage of their VA and FHA home loan benefits. Recognizing that the answer would be found in creating a one-stop Housing Center to assist Veterans and first-time home buyers. Over the years, our vision has remained consistent. Veteran Real Estate’s commitment and mission is still to provide the highest quality service to assure that our valued clients achieve their dreams of affordable home ownership.